“There was never any hope for me before. And now there was hope.” (in the form of a research study) — Bill Scheutte, cancer survivor, as reported by ABC News.com

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At Translational Research Management (TRM), we believe that patient care improves when we promote access to clinical trials. Studies clearly demonstrate that participation in research provides direct benefits to patients and improves care to entire patient groups fighting a particular disease. That is why we offer streamlined research support services to forward-thinking community oncologists committed to offering research studies (clinical trials) to their patients in an effort to expand access to innovative new treatments and accelerate the search for cures.

An individual who is faced with a cancer diagnosis must ask many questions about their treatment options. We feel patients should ask questions like: What is a research study? Is participation in a research study (clinical trial) worth considering? Why is it important? Does my community oncologist offer research studies to patients?

TRM is working to make the entire oncology research study process as easy as possible, to help patients now, and years from now.

What is a Research Study?

A research study, or clinical trial, is a carefully designed study that closely monitors the progress of a patient as he or she proceeds through treatment with a new drug.

As defined by the National Cancer Institute, research studies help doctors find ways to improve health and cancer care. Each study tries to answer scientific questions and to find better ways to prevent, diagnose, or treat cancer. You can learn more from the National Cancer Institute

Why Participate?

Current research indicates that it is possible up to 41% of research study patients with advanced cancers could receive more effective treatment (tumor shrinkage or disease stabilization) from participation in clinical trails.

Just read one of many reports on how a patient’s access to a research study changed their life: 
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TRM certified clinical trials are offered at no additional cost to patients and guarantee no placebos are used when a treatment option exists. Additionally, over 97% of patients who have participated in a research study reported excellent or good care and treatment with dignity, and most would recommend participation to others.

Does my oncologist offer research studies to patients?

Historically, clinical trials have been conducted by large hospitals and academic institutions. This means that community oncologists, who treat over 80% of all cancer patients, have not had adequate access to the latest research study products. Therefore, it is not surprising that so few cancer patients and physicians are aware of this option.

TRM is leading the effort to help patients gain access to innovative treatments by working with community oncologists to ensure that the right patient gets the right care at the right time and in the right way. We are reaching out to more and more community oncologists everyday. If your doctor does not currently participate in research studies and you would like them to, please have them contact us for more information.

How do I Find Available Trials?

For more information on current oncology research studies, please go to www.centerwatch.com. If you identify a study that you believe you are eligible to participate in, you should discuss it with your physician.

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