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What if, as members of the oncology community, instead of just treating patients with approved therapies, we could help define the direction of new treatments and offer those treatments to patients? And what if this all could be done in a way that does not burden your practice but contributes to its ongoing success?

TRM can provide this SinglePoint solution to community oncology practices.

What a Translational Research Program Would Mean:

    Access to novel therapeutics (i.e. clinical trials)
    Nearly 5,000 community oncologists treat approximately 80% of the country’s cancer patients and yet only small portion of these physicians participate in clinical trials, reducing their ability to offer a new therapy to patients that may not be responding to standard treatments. TRM wants to change that.?

    Improve outcomes for patients
    Of the 1.4 million new cancer patients each year, only 2-4% ever participate in a research study and yet numerous studies in the last decade have determined that patient participation in clinical trials improves outcomes. According to Annuals of Oncology, 2008; 19(4):787-792, it is possible that up to 41% of clinical trial patients with advanced cancers could receive more effective treatment (tumor shrinkage or disease stabilization) from participation in clinical trials. Not only does ready access to investigational protocols offer improved response rates for patients, but it improves possible outcomes for future patients and clearly improves outcomes for specific disease groups.

    Add a revenue stream to a practice that participates
    The Medicare Modernization Act (MMA) of 2003 changed the way community oncologists can be reimbursed for approved treatments. Adding a translational research program to a practice allows physicians to supplement the operating income of their practice.

    Increase communication flow and available information about clinical trials
    The more a physician knows about what is occurring elsewhere in the oncology community, the more he or she can accurately inform their patients of their treatment options. It is also important for physicians to gain access to (and experience with) new products (or classes of products before they are approved by the FDA).

How TRM can help:

    TRM will contract directly with drug developers to bring the latest in novel treatments to your practice.

    TRM will reduce the sometimes overwhelming time commitment needed to participate in clinical trials. We will manage the entire process beginning with a comprehensive practice assessment, and continuing with staff training, study placement and ongoing regulatory and study support.

    TRM will contract with local ancillary service providers to reduce the confusion and cost associated with outside testing.

    TRM will provide ongoing management of all financial aspects of the studies placed within a practice.

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