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Biospecimen Collection for Use for Future Scientific Research

Purpose of the Study:

To create a human specimen biologics repository (“BioBank”) to serve as a resource to further the understanding of, and treatment for, human diseases. 

To collect, store and distribute (1) human biologic specimens (“biospecimens”) to include blood, bone marrow, solid tumor tissue, urine, and other selected biospecimens and (2) correlated, de-identified, patient specific clinical data. 

To allow researchers to have access to retrospective, prospective, longitudinal, disease specific biospecimens in order to promote rapid scientific discoveries into the causes of diseases and ultimately to provide information leading to novel therapeutic interventions.

To maintain and expand a BioBank of highly characterized and disease specific biospecimens from patients (“Subjects”) treated within a network of community-based physician practices and hospitals (“Sites”) to promote external fundamental scientific research.

To provide scientific researchers with secure, de-identified access to this inventory of biospecimens and data so as to allow researchers to request biospecimens that support their research protocols.

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Patient Population Investigational Product(s) Phase Status
All Cancers N/A IV Open and Accruing